Community Peace Event

Peace Gathering flyer

Holy Trinity Church, one of the closest churches to our estate are planning the following event

Community Peace Day
Saturday 8th November 6pm
Tulse Hill Estate (between Pursar House & Birch House)

(preceded by a Peace Walk at 5pm from the Roupell Park estate)

The organisers say the idea is for ordinary local people to come together and say that we don’t want a world dictated by violence – whether it’s on the international stage or the domestic one, and that they want to commit to that value in our own lives and community.  Other community and faith group leaders, and the Tulse Hill TRA are involved.

People of all faith groups and none are welcome to attend. If you want to help organise the event please contact the church

(Note: St Martin’s TRA is not affiliated to any particular faith group or religion. We welcome support from Holy Trinity Church and any other local faith groups, but people of all faiths and none are welcome to be part of our association)

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