Minutes – How will the New School Affect the Estate


Thanks to everyone who came to our public meeting last month on how the new school will affect the estate. This was intended as a public meeting, not a planning meeting but the chair took some brief notes to remind people what was said. You can download the minutes in .pdf form here, or see below

Present: Chris (chair), Jim (City E-Act Academy), Benedita (Metropolitan), 14 other residents

My way of background, the academy opened in 2013 on a site in Somerleyton Road. In September 2014 it moved to its current site on the St Martins Estate. Currently it only has two year groups (year seven and year eight). It will eventually expand to all year groups (years 7 to 11) and a sixth form, a total of about 1100 students.

Access to the site in the morning is via the Christchurch Road entrance only. Jim anticipates about 85% of students will walk or cycle to school, 8% will use public transport and 7% go by car. Car drivers taking students to school are encouraged to park on the south side of the South Circular not in the estate. Jim will provide the TRA with documentary evidence for this [UPDATE: Jim has now sent the TRA a school travel plan, parts 2 and 6 of the overall management plan.]

Students are not allowed off the site during the day. The school finishes at 1545. Students may leave either via the Christchurch Road entrance or via the estate entrance. This is currently under review.

If people witness anti social behaviour performed by a student in City Academy uniform please report it to the school on 020 3691 4600. Local shop keepers have a leaflet on how to recognise City Academy students, the TRA will also get a copy

Residents raised issues with parking at school closing time. It’s unclear whether this is due to Fenstanton students being collected or City Academy students being collected. This needs further investigation.

Residents raised issues regarding overcrowding on buses at school closing time. Unclear which school’s students are causing the overcrowding. This needs further investigation.

There is provision for youth activities in the school building. These facilities should be open to all members of the community, now just City Academy students. However, they are not currently open to all members of the communities. It is unclear who’s fault this is. This needs further investigation.

Students are encouraged to take part in community activities. We’re not sure of the branding of this program yet, residents hope it will not be “Community Service” at that implies punishment rather than goodwill. The TRA will be kept informed of the details.


(Postscript: Jim subsequently emailed the TRA to say “Please thank those tenants and residents with whom I met yesterday evening. I very much enjoyed meeting you all and taking part in the discussion. I hope that this will be the start of a fruitful and positive relationship with the community”)

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