Gaywood Close Lighting

Brendan light

There are problems with lighting in Gaywood Close. A resident has been informally monitoring the lighting at the bottom end of the close. The results are

Inspection Date

Broken Street Lights

5th November 2018

Opposite 82 Gaywood Close, Opposite 76 Gaywood Close, Opposite 69 Gaywood Close, light 236 (on path connecting Gaywood Close with Roupell Road)

16th December 2018

As 5th November

15th January 2019

As 5th November

9th February 2019

Opposite 82 Gaywood Close and light 236

16th April Opposite 69, Opposite 82, Lights 214, 217, 236

In correspondence with Metropolitan we’ve been told there is no power for the lights opposite 69 Gaywood Close and lights 214 and 217. It took Metropolitan ages to fix a similar issue in Challice Way. If you want to help us campaign for a faster resolution here please contact us

We know this isn’t just a problem with the bottom of Gaywood Close. There are similar problems in High Trees. And there are probably problems in other parts of the estate, we just don’t know about them.

If you see a broken street light please report it. And let us know so we can chase the landlord if we don’t get a resolution