The St Martins Tenants and Residents Association now has a new committee.

We are:

Stephen Kearney from High Trees as chair

Peter Hurst from Worthington House as vice chair. He has lived on the St Martin’s Estate for over twelve years. He has lived in social rented housing all his life. He is a former borough councillor.

Chris Blake from Gaywood Close as secretary. “I moved to Gaywood Close in 2011. I remember my first winter here: I had difficulty getting Metropolitan to do a repair. I thought at the time I was just unlucky. It wasn’t until I joined the residents association I realised lots of other people had this problem. So I’m proud of the work we did with big campaigns like the campaign for new youth services and the campaign against damp. I’m also proud we challenged Metropolitan about a very specific repair in my part of the estate. In 2011 I’d have felt helpless at the lack of action. In 2020 we fought and won.”

Terry Curtis from Burnell House as treasurer. “I have lived on the estate since 1958, when the estate was run by the London County Council. It was very paternalistic but it was well-run, and I saw its decline as a result of council neglect since then. The estate possibly reached its nadir in the early 1980s when a resident died in Maskall Close, and it was a week or 2 before anyone noticed. I have been involved in tenants bodies since the early 1990s, and I have found that the more active that resident bodies have been the more that the “Authorities”, be they the Council or Housing Assocs have paid attention to the well-being of the estate. That is why I am a member of the TRA”

The following people are also on the committee:

Terry Cooper from Abbots Park,

Ed Crawford from Challice Way. “I joined the TRA as I feel it is important that residents have a strong voice when dealing with the housing associations and that that will lead to productive relationships and ensure they meet their obligations. I am also keen for improvements to be made to the landscaping of the estate.”

Justine Harrison from Williams House,

Saleha Jaffer from Kynaston House

Annalisa Premoli from Gaywood Close. “Being part of the TRA makes me feel that I’m not alone when I’m asking for better services or repairs from my Landlord. I’ve met great people who I now consider good neighbours and friends, and I’ve now started a gardening project so that we get to meet even more neighbours and improve our green spaces. It’s great to feel supported by the other members of the TRA!”

Please contact us with your thoughts on what we should be doing